JustinJustin’s relationship with alcohol began at a young age. What began as mere adolescent folly over time evolved into alcohol abuse and, finally, to alcoholism. Justin spent his entire adult life fighting his addiction. He celebrated both long periods of sobriety and periods of relapse.

Justin believed that young people who begin making decisions that might eventually lead them down a similar path as his need a different kind of support. Not only might they initially need a rehabilitation program, but more importantly they might benefit from a continued program of support after rehab. An on-going program designed to help them learn to cope with the challenges of returning to their reality, their “real life” environments and their continued fight to remain sober.

Justin believed that if there were such a place where kids could go where they would feel safe, where they were allowed time to become stronger in their resolve to remain sober, and where they were given the opportunity to thrive-THAT would be life- changing. They really could be empowered to choose a better way to live.

The vision of Justin’s House was inspired by this belief. As we work toward turning this vision into a reality we do so to honor Justin: his memory, his life, his struggles and triumphs and the love he gave to all who knew him. By honoring him through helping others we ensure that Justin, our beloved friend, lives on.

RIP – Justin
January 1965 – January 2013