On March 25, 2015 our first fundraiser was held at Fiorillo’s Italian Restaurant in Santa Clara. Over 180 community members were in attendance at this very special event that included a delicious meal, guest speakers, a raffle, and a live auction. Our goal was three-fold: 1) to raise awareness about our nonprofit and its mission, 2) to raise funds, and 3) to make future partnership connections. We believe we accomplished all three.

The event was upbeat and emotional, the conversation was lively and the speakers were informative and inspiring. Our vision for Justin’s house was presented and well received. Several of our Commitment Cards were filled out by guests offering future support in a variety of ways. Unique, attractive baskets were raffled and our auctioneer, Mr. Bill Chapman generated an atmosphere of animated, friendly competition during the live auction. As the evening came to a close and we reflected on the event, we felt thankful for our community of support and its enthusiastic response.

With momentum built, the burning question now is -“What’s next?” Knowing that we are joined by so many of you willing to help make Justin’s House a reality, our personal commitments to this critical organization have become stronger. Now, we turn to you. We turn to you and welcome your expertise, your guidance, your input and your help as we move forward with our essential next steps which can be found in the “House Chores” section. Again, a heartfelt thank you for making this event so successful and we look forward to hearing from you very soon!

House Chores:

To ensure the ability of Justins House to accomplish its mission, this quarter our work will focus on:

1. Location of a Space: We are looking for a room, an office space, a storefront property, etc. to start with (although a house would be wonderful!) located within our community. We would love to have it donated or offered to us for use for reasonable rent. It is critical that we have a place so we can begin our recruitment efforts and start providing services to the local kids who need our help.

2. Development of a Risk Management Program: We will be working on establishing policies and outlining procedures based on identified risks applicable to our program of work for the purpose of protecting the kids we serve, our staff members (board members, volunteers and paid employees), our program activities, and our site.